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Things you should never Google

Google seems to be the most helpful thing but some of the thing might be disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, if you are a person with a soft heart.
Satyam Yadav

Google is widely known as a helpful tool that provides answers to our questions and doubts in just seconds. It is the most popular search engine since years, helping us to find valuable information on various topics. However, there are certain things that one should never search on Google. Despite the convenience of the platform, there are risks associated with searching certain topics that could lead to unwanted consequences.


Some search results can be disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, especially for those with a sensitive disposition or mental health conditions. In addition, some results may put individuals at risk of being flagged by cybersecurity experts. In some extreme case you may attract the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies such as FBI and others, which can put you in unwanted trouble.

Now let’s jump straight into the topic.


Here are the 15 things which you should never search and ask Google.

• Your Symptoms

It is not recommended to search for your symptoms on Google for several reasons. Although Google can provide answers to almost anything, it is not a substitute for a real doctor. There are many health and fitness websites, blogs, and YouTube channels run by professionals, but searching for symptoms can be misleading and stressful as it may show a dangerous disease.

So if you are feeling low or sick it would be better to consult a real doctor rather than asking your symptoms on Google. Even professional doctors suggest that you should never google your symptoms and remedies, regardless of how small or big they may seem. Additionally, it is important not to take medication prescribed on Google.

It is strongly advised that you should refrain from searching for any information related to weapon-making. This can lead you to get caught in severe legal trouble.

If you make such searches it might we possible that you may become the target of different security agencies, and they may start tracking you and your online activity.

Therefore, it is very important to be conscious with what you search online and avoid engaging in any such activity that may put you in problems.

According to cybersecurity experts, it's not good to search for topic like "how to make illegal drugs" as this could make you look suspicious and could attract unwanted attention from law enforcement agencies.


Cancer is among one of the most serious disease and we should not take it lightly. However, it is better to avoid reading about cancer symptoms on Google to maintain a positive state of mind.

The reason being, while cancer is a serious disease, its symptoms can be common and similar to those of a viral fever, causing unnecessary anxiety and fear.

Symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and weakness may be common but reading about cancer may make you more anxious if you experience these common symptoms. As told earlier, if you face any problem immediately contact a real doctor.


Cancer is a very serious disease and it is not recommended to search its symptoms on Google as they may be similar to some common illness and may cause some unnecessary tension.

Additionally, it is advised to avoid searching for cancer in relation to your favourite food. For food lovers, such information may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, and Google results may show misleading information about the relationship between certain foods and cancer.


We would advice you all to not search for dangerous species of animals on Google, as it is good for the purpose of gaining knowledge about various animal species, but there may me certain animal species that may not be suitable for individuals who enjoy traveling or have a phobia of animals.


The Calculus Bridge is not a mathematical concept nor is it a type of bridge used for crossing rivers. It is actually a dental problem that can be quite disturbing to witness.

Viewing the image results of a Calculus Bridge can be frightening and uncomfortable, so it is recommended that you avoid searching for it, especially while eating.


It is highly recommended that you avoid Googling mouth larva, which is a deadly and disgusting combination. Although most people hate larva, the thought of finding these creatures in someone's mouth is truly repulsive. These images can be highly disturbing and unsettling to viewers.

Therefore, it is best to steer clear of such content. Remember, it is very important to brush our teeth daily before going to bed, in order to maintain good oral hygiene.


You may think skin conditions like a minor issue to, but they can be more serious than what you think. Some skin conditions are common and not particularly uncomfortable to look at.

However, there are many skin diseases that are disturbing and difficult to view. The images that appear when searching for such skin conditions can be highly disturbing and even cause irritation to your skin so it is good to avoid viewing such images.


It is important to note that trypophobia is a condition where an individual experiences fear of small clusters of holes. If you do not have this phobia, it is still recommended to avoid searching for it on Google.

The image results related to trypophobia can be extremely disturbing and cause significant discomfort and stress. Additionally, there are claims that prolonged exposure to such images can lead to the appearance of circles or holes on one's skin, although this has not been verified. Therefore, it is best to refrain from searching for and viewing such pictures.


Searching for images of a smoker's lungs can be a nightmare for smokers who want to quit. The results can be disturbing and uncomfortable to view, which can prompt individuals to quit smoking. For the sake of your eyes and mental health, it is best to avoid searching for such images on Google.


"PEWDIEPIE fans may be familiar with the 50/50 Reddit Challenge, which was once popular. For those unfamiliar with the challenge, it involves choosing between two images, one of which might be a cute kitty, while the other might be a decapitated one. While one image is adorable, the other could be disturbing, and sometimes both can be disturbing.

The graphic content can be traumatizing and harmful to one's mental health. Therefore, it is best to avoid such challenges and images.


You may be wondering, 'What is wrong with my name?' However, stressing yourself out over it is unnecessary. You need not to change your name. The act of searching your name on search engines like Google can have negative consequences.

Some individuals are curious about themselves and wish to see what the internet thinks of them. However, this can compromise your privacy and may disappoint you with result as you not find what you were looking for.

Additionally, you may come across disturbing results, as some individuals with criminal records may share the same name as you.


It's important to keep in mind that Google is simply a search engine and not an actual person with whom you can share your personal problems.

When you search for some personal problems on Google, your data gets stored, and advertisers may use it to target you with those specific ads.

There are so many people who directly ask their problems to Google Assistant but they don't realise that everything is being recorded and can be used against them anytime.

For example, if you search for "weight loss products", you might see several ads for the weight loss products that may not work well and make you feel demotivated.


This message is intended for those who are expecting to become a mother or planning to give birth. It is common to witness women giving birth in movies and series, where they display extreme pain and ask for help, often creating discomfort or fear in viewers.

However, these scenes are staged, and real-life childbirth can be much more challenging and daunting. If you are preparing to gave kids, it is best not to seek such content as it may discourage or frighten you.


Hey there, Today in this article we’ve talked about "Things You Should not Google". Googling them might invite some unwanted trouble for you. Some of you are still gonna search for these things.  DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK THEN!!

Some of you may be wondering then some of you may be wondering then what we should search on Google. Well, Google is a vast platform where you can find informative content, such as the blog You can find valuable information there.

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