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Unlock the Secret of Making Money on Chegg

Earn money by solving questions on Chegg. Choose your subject, start working and start earning. Read more to see chegg earning Proofs.
Satyam Yadav

Chegg is a company that pays you for solving questions. You can also enrol as a student in Chegg if you have doubts about any question and want its solution.

So basically, you can join Chegg as a student or as an expert to solve questions. But here we are going to discuss joining it as an expert.

The first question is, Who can invest their time on Chegg?

So if you are a student or a person with a job, then it might be difficult for you to make YouTube videos or do blogging in order to earn money because it will require consistency and a lot of hard work.

But on Chegg, you can make money by solving questions. You can choose any subject (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Computer Science, etc.) in which you can do best and fill out the application form, and if your application is accepted, you will be able to solve questions anytime as per your daily schedule.

You can use your free time to earn money. Me and my friends have made a good amount of money from Chegg because in my college we get two holidays in a week, so we use that time to solve questions. During Lockdown, my friend made over Rs 40,000 in revenue from Chegg in just one month, and bought an iPad. I also made about Rs 12,000 in a month, which I used to grow my social media channels.

Being a science student, I used to solve questions in math, physics, and computer science.

Now if I talk about the amount they pay per question (this data contains the amount that I got paid when I used to solve questions, and the last one I solved was in May 2020 because after that, I started working on social media, so I am providing you that data, but you can check new data on their website because their terms keep changing).

So I was paid Rs. 70 per question in Physics, Rs. 97 per question in Math (Calculus), and Rs. 170 per question in Computer Science.

Things you need to remember

  • You need to take care of your answers so that they are properly written and the users are able to understand your solution; if not, they will dislike your answers, and if your score goes below 75%, your account will be revoked, so it would be good if you solve only those questions that you are able to do properly and clearly.
  • Chegg expert team will also review your answer and look for the way you explained the answer and how much neat and clean was your answer based on that they will also provide you a score.

These things might look difficult to you, but they are not as difficult as you think. If you have good knowledge of your subject, then it's very easy to maintain a good score.

How to Sign Up

Step - 1 --- 

Link: Click Here

Step - 2 ---

When you sign, you will be asked to confirm your email; just do it and proceed to the next step.

Step - 3 ---

After email verification, it will ask you to create your password. Create it, and then it will show you their terms and conditions; if you want to read them, read them, accept them, and click the submit button.

Step - 4 ---


Now Click on Registration and fill out all the required details, then proceed to the subject test. It will contain the questions related to the subject that you chose during registration. After completing and passing the test successfully, you will have to download the guidelines and read them. After that, you will have to pass the guidelines test, then proceed to the next step and fill in the required details. After that, their team will review your details, and if you are selected, you will be able to solve the questions and earn money.

My earning proofs ---->

I hope this was helpful. Sign up today and start earning in a few days, and don't forget to send your first earning proofs to us on Telegram.

Thank you for reading.

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